Take Your Training Outside With This Intense 45min Best Outdoor Workout using your Bodyweight.

Are you looking to mix up your training and get ready for summer? Sick and tired of always training indoors when the sun is shining outside? The good news is you don’t need a gym to get real results.

The gym on a sunny day is about as appealing as the smell of a week-old unwashed protein shaker, but you also want to maintain your fitness. Get ripped for summer without setting foot inside a gym with this high-intensity, outdoor bodyweight training session designed to build muscle and burn fat.

Unlike in the gym, there’s zero time wasted with equipment set-up, making for easy transitions from one exercise to the next.  Little downtime between sets means you keep your heart rate up for a serious calorie burn and super-efficient workout. And that means you’ll smash your outdoor workout and be laying on the beach relaxing before your mate has even had time to check in at the gym.

If you want to increase lean muscle while enjoying the great outdoors then give this 45min superset circuit a try!

Best Outdoor Workout

Complete each superset 5 times, resting 30 – 45sec between each superset.

Best Outdoor Workout Exercise Superset #1

Prisoner Squats x 30 Reps (5 sets)

best outdoor workout prisonor-squats

Best Outdoor Workout description:

1. Stand upright with feet hip width apart and hands linked together behind your head (like a prisoner).

2. Keeping the weight in your heels, lower your hips back into a deep squat.

3. Try to keep chest upright to avoid poor posture.


Burpees x 10 (5 sets)


best outdoor workout burpeesBest Outdoor Workout description:

1. • Begin standing and lower into a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you.

2. Jump both feet back until you’re in a push up position, and immediately drop to the floor.

3. Push back up off the floor, jump feet in towards your hands, stand upright and jump into the air.


Best Outdoor Workout Exercise Superset #2

Push Ups x 25 Reps (5 sets)


best outdoor workout-push upsBest Outdoor Workout description:

1. Assume a push up position, with hands just wider than shoulder width.

2. Lower your body until your chest almost touches the ground, making sure your posture is correct (i.e. back straight).

3. Push back up, lock out your arms and keep core engaged throughout the movement.


V Crunches x 15 Reps (5 sets)

best outdoor workout-V-crunch

Best Outdoor Workout description:

1. Start lying down on a flat surface with legs fully extended and arms straight above your head.

2. Engage the core and bring both legs and arms up to meet in the middle. It should look like a “V” from the side.

3. Slowly lower back to the starting position. For advanced trainers, try tokeep your legs from hitting the ground throughout the set.



Best Outdoor Workout Exercise Superset #3

Mountain Climbers x 20 Reps (5 sets)

best outdoor workout-mountain-climbers

Best Outdoor Workout description:

1. Mountain climbers should feel like you’re running on the spot with your hands on the ground.

2. Starting in a push up position, bring one leg up to your midsection, then immediately swap legs to create a running motion.



Crunches x 20 Reps (5 sets)

best outdoor workout-crunches
Best Outdoor Workout description:

1. Lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor

2. Place hands behind your head, but remember not to crunch using your neck.

3. Lift your shoulders off the floor, feel your core activate, hold for 1 sec and slowly lower back down.


Best Outdoor Workout Exercise Superset #4

Bench Dips x 15 Reps (5 sets)


Best Outdoor Workout description:

1. For this exercise you’re going to need to use a bench, seat or wall. Start sitting on the edge with feet hip width apart and legs bent, or straight for advanced trainers.

2. Holding onto the edge of the bench, slowly lower your body down, bending through your elbows to just less than 90 degrees.

3. Focus on using your triceps to push your body back up to the top of the movement. Remember to keep your elbows close to the body throughout the whole movement.


Hanging Leg Raises x 20 Reps (5 sets)

outdoor-workout-leg-raisesBest Outdoor Workout description:

1. You’ll need to find a bar and hang with your feet off the ground.

2. Engage your core, keep your shoulders stable and bring both legs up parallel to the ground. Control the motion and try to avoid swinging.

3. Slowly lower both legs back down to the starting position.


Best Outdoor Workout Exercise Superset #5

Steps Up x 10 Reps each side (5 sets)

outdoor workout-step-ups

Best Outdoor Workout description:

1. Step up onto a bench, box or wall, pushing through the front foot and activating the glute. Make sure hips come to full extension.

2. Step back down to the ground and then swap feet. Try to stay upright for the whole movement.


Bicycle Crunches x 30 Reps (5 sets)


Best Outdoor Workout description:

1. Lying on the ground, keep your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers.

2. Lift your head up and touch your right elbow to left knee, while extending your other leg out. Then switch.

3. The aim is to keep both legs and arms off the ground for the whole movement to keep tension in the core


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*The training programs on this website are provided as a guide only and therefore we recommend you ask a professional about correct function of equipment if you are unsure.