Do you wish KFC style chicken could magically become a part of your diet, without sacrificing results?

Now it can! We’ve got the perfect alternative with this delicious NOT fried healthy chicken recipe that won’t clog your arteries but still tastes like the southern style favourite.


4 Chicken Thighs

Seasoning (½ teaspoon black pepper and ½ teaspoon garlic powder)

2 Eggs – lightly whisked 3 cups corn flakes (unsweetened/unflavoured)

Hot Chilli Sauce (approx 1 tbs) (Asian Section of Supermarket)


1. Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees

2. Place corn flakes in bowl and crunch with hands

3. Gently tenderise the thighs with your fists

4. Dust chicken with seasoning

5. Combine eggs and hot chilli sauce (add extra sauce if you like it spicy)

6. Dip chicken in egg mixture, coat evenly, let excess drip back into bowl, then press chicken into corn flake bowl. Press firmly to ensure corn flakes coat evenly and securely.

7. Place chicken on lightly greased baking dish, cook for approx 25 minutes

Serves 2

Serve your healthy chicken recipe with kale chips and a healthy quinoa and pomegranate salad.


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