hardgainer smoothie

This calorie packed hardgainer smoothie recipe is the ideal breakfast or post-workout meal that will fit perfectly into you hardgainer diet plan.

If you are a hardgainer that struggles to put on size you need to be packing in quality calories at every meal.  Have this delicious, calorie-packed hardgainer smoothie for breakfast or after training to help you build bigger, stronger muscle mass.  This mega-muscle smoothie packs a massive 1000 calories in every serve.


Mega-Muscle Hardgainer diet smoothie recipe:


30g quick oats
400ml full cream milk
3 scoops Vitalstrength Rapid Bulk Gain Protein Powder
1 banana
1 tbsp honey
90g plain yogurt (we used ½ tub of Chobani)
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp flaxseed oil

Cals: 1,060 cals | Carbs: 112g  | Protein: 57g | Fat: 43g

Mega-Muscle Hardgainer diet smoothie directions:

Combine all hardgainer smoothie ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Enjoy your hardgainer smmothie as a calorie packed breakfast or post-workout muscle building protein shake.

Hardgainers should choose calorie dense foods that are rich in nutrients, combining carbohydrates, protein and good fats.

Essential hardgainer smoothie ingredients for mass gains:

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient 1: Oats

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient : Oats

Oats are a staple hardgainer food that give you energy to power through your training. Oats are a complex carbohydrate that have a low GI, meaning a long lasting supply of fuel. Oats as a hardgainer diet food are also low in fat, high in fiber and contain essential vitamins and minerals for building muscle mass.

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient 2: Bulk Gain Protein Powder

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient : Bulk Gain Protein Powder

Vitalstrength-Rapid-Growth-proteinVitalstrength Extreme Rapid Protein is the ideal protein protein powder for your hardgainer diet. As well as the optimum nutritional content the amino acid profile of Vitalstrength Rapid is particularly suited to a hardgainer diet with added glutamine and creatine to help minimise muscle breakdown and increase size gains.

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient 3: Peanut Butter

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient : Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is an essential hardgainer diet food that is calorie dense, packed with protein, fibre and good fats and is great source of energy to help regulate your appetite by stabilising blood-sugar levels.

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient 4: Bananas

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient : Bananas

Bananas are the best fruit to include in your hardgainer diet as they supply sustained energy to your muscles and are packed with quality calories.  Bananas also contain B vitamins for muscle energy while also helping to restore potassium levels to rehydrate cells after a workout.

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient 5: Milk

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient : Milk

Milk has been a bodybuilding and hardgainer staple for years.  One cup of whole milk provides 150 additional calories. Milk is also vitamin rich and contains highly digestible proteins, such as casein and whey to help grow your muscles.

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient 6: Yoghurt

Hardgainer smoothie ingredient : Yoghurt

Yoghurt combines an ideal mix of protein, carbs and calcium for mass gains in your hardgainer diet.  Yoghurt is also rich in vitamin B12 and supplies your body amino acids for muscle energy and growth.


Hardgainer ingredient 7: Flaxseed oil

Hardgainer ingredient : Flaxseed oil

One tablespoon of flaxseed contains around 1.5g of omega 3 fatty acids. These essential fats lock protein into your muscle fibres and help to boost your metabolism.