protein ice cream recipe

Satisfy your ice cream cravings with this delicious yet healthy protein ice cream recipe.

We all love ice cream but eating too much of it when you are on a ripped bodybuilding diet will usually get in the way of your results.  This high protein ice cream recipe uses protein powder and cottage cheese as its main ingredients and it tastes delicious!

Ingredients for your Protein Ice Cream:

* 2 x scoops Vitalstrength Total- Wild Strawberry

* 200g x cottage cheese

* 200g x frozen raspberries

* 1 x tbsp coconut oil

Stevia to taste if you prefer things a little sweeter.

Directions to make for your Protein Ice Cream:

Place all protein ice cream ingredients in a food processor, blend till smooth consistency – chill in freezer and enjoy your protein ice cream!

Protein Ice Cream Recipe Serves 4

Protein Ice Cream Nutritional Information per serve (Approx):

Cals:139  Protein:12g  Carbs:11g  Fat:5.5g

Protein Ice Cream Super Powers

Protein Ice Cream Recipe - Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a great high protein muscle building food as it is rich in sustained release casein protein, low in fat and high in calcium making it the ideal high protein muscle building food to have before bed.  A twenty gram serve of low-fat cottage cheese contains around 10g of muscle building protein and also contains good bacteria that can help you breakdown and absorb all the nutrients you need to build muscle

Protein Ice Cream Recipe - Protein Powder

Protein Powder:

Vitalstrength Total High Protein contains whey proteins that are considered by many athletes, bodybuilders and fitness experts as the best protein for building muscle. Whey proteins help to prolong fat metabolism and promote lean muscle growth post exercise making it a key muscle super food.

Enjoy your protein ice cream as a healthy snack, healthy dessert or as refreshing treat on a hot day!

Protein Ice Cream Recipe inspiration thanks to Vitalstrength Ambassador Brie Warnock