If you want to get lean and ripped you need a solid nutrition plan that includes foods that fight belly fat and amp up your fat burning potential.

These 6 fat burning foods are packed with muscle building protein and essential nutrients that boost your metabolism and help to accelerate your training results.

1 Greek Yoghurt

Superpowers: Muscle-boosting protein and bone-building calcium fires up fat loss by assisting muscle growth (which burns fat). A filling snack or dessert option post-training.

2 Avocado

Superpowers: Packed with monounsaturated fats that are readily burned for fuel during exercise and other nutrients that actually promote fat-burning. A great spread alternative or salad ingredient that can help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.

3 Almonds

Superpowers: Loaded with healthy fats, muscle building protein, essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help your body to build lean muscle, reduce cravings and burn fat. A handful of almonds contains around 10g of protein making it the perfect snack between meals.

4 Salmon

Superpowers: An oily-fish that is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids that boost fat burning and prevent muscle-protein breakdown after your workout while also assisting muscle recovery. A leaner main course choice than red meat and packed with good fats.

5 Whey Protein Powder

Superpowers: Builds lean muscle and burns fat by delivering a wide range of amino acids without unwanted carbs and fats. Helps to lift metabolism and control appetite providing a lasting sense of fullness. Convenient post-workout or between meal protein boost.  Try Vitalstrength Low Carb Whey Protein or Vitalstrength Ripped Protein to help achieve your ultimate body faster.

6 Eggs

Superpowers: Packed with muscle building protein that burns fat and keeps you feeling full for longer while also promoting muscle strength and size. A great breakfast staple to enjoy poached, boiled, scrambled or as an omelette.