We asked Canberra Raiders dietitian, Amy Haughey for the team’s top 10 pantry picks.

1. Tuna

Tuna is a complete protein which means it contains all nine essential amino acids. This makes it the perfect recovery snack for post-training muscle repair and growth.  Great on it’s own or with a carbohydrate rich food such as bread or crackers.

2. Cereals (e.g. untoasted muesli, oats (porridge), All Bran, Just Right, Weet Bix)

These cereals are carbohydrate rich and full of fibre as well as other vitamins and minerals.  They are low-medium GI which means they release energy slowly into the blood stream keeping energy levels stable, and sudden sugar cravings at bay. They make a great meal anytime of the day, not just at breakfast!

3. Vitalstrength WPI+

Whey Protein is an ideal recovery snack for tired muscles. Vitalstrength WPI+ contains fast acting whey protein isolates for rapid absorption.  As it is low carb and low fat it makes the perfect snack for those wanting to only gain lean muscle.  Can be made with milk, water, or both to suit all tastes!

4. Vitalstrength Rapid Bulk Protein

Great for those who have high energy requirements and find it hard to eat enough to support their needs.  Vitalstrength Rapid is packed with carbohydrate and protein making it a perfect snack anytime of the day. Best of all it’s powder form means you can use it multiple ways – in a shake if you are on the go, on breakfast cereals or in other meals to increase the energy content.

5 & 6. Wholemeal pasta and whole-grain breads

Carbohydrate rich foods such as pasta and bread help supply the body with the energy needed to support the Canberra Raiders heavy training schedule and replenish muscle glycogen stores after training. They make great meals and snacks throughout the day.

7. Brown rice

Another carbohydrate rich snack that is important for pre and post-training. The Sun Rice ‘Made in 90 seconds’ packets are the perfect instant snack or meal for hungry players, are easy to make, and can be used in multiple ways. Best of all rice is also very cheap!

8. Wholemeal english muffins

Combined with an egg or another protein source english muffins are the perfect recovery snack. Or try it with baked beans for a carbohydrate rich breakfast to kick start your training!

9. Canned fruit in natural juice

A great snack in between meals, or a great accompaniment to breakfast cereal or yoghurt. Packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals without the nasty added sugars. Conveniently packaged making it a time saver for those with busy schedules!

10. Low fat long life milk

Great to always have on hand.  Milk contains important nutrients such as calcium and protein for strong bones and muscles. It is an essential ingredient for most training snacks such as protein shakes, and cereals, and makes a refreshing and nutritious drink any time of the day!