Wests Tigers biggest “foodie” Robbie Farah lets us in on his nutrition secrets.

Wests Tigers veteran and current club captain Robbie Farah has achieved strong success in his rugby league career to date— captaining New South Wales in State of Origin and representing Australia on numerous occasions including last year’s World Cup campaign.  A true leader Robbie understands that nutrition is a big part of getting the most out of your body.

Vitalstrength sat down with Robbie to hear his top nutrition and diet tips for rugby league players.  Get Robbie’s tips here.

 Vitalstrength: What is your ideal weight during the season.  Why is this weight/size ideal for your position?

 Robbie Farah:  My ideal playing weight is around the 89-90kg mark. For my height that is quite stocky. I have found in the past if I put on more weight I lose a bit of speed around the ruck.

 Vitalstrength: How strict are you about diet and nutrition?

 Robbie Farah: 

I’m pretty strict about my diet, I try and cut out sugar and if I’m eating bread or pasta I will always try and get wholemeal instead of the white versions. 

 Right now I’m off the milk, so I’m drinking almond milk as an alternative.

 Vitalstrength: Tell us about the supplements you use pre and post training to assist with your goals.

 Robbie Farah:  The main protein powder that I take during the week is the Vitalstrength Total High Protein Plus. I use this to maintain my weight and lean muscle.  I usually have 1-2 shakes a day, post-training and another time throughout the day. I don’t need to put on weight during the year so this is perfect for me.

I also take Vitalstrength 16:00 Nitroxl Pre-workout to give me extra energy and focus.  After the game I take Magnesium supplements and Vitalstrength L-Glutamine to help my muscles recover and make sure I am ready for training the next week.

Robbie Farah Nutrition Vitalstrength:  What is your standard diet on a non-game day?

 Robbie Farah:  I’m not a really big breakfast eater so I usually start the day with a healthy smoothie that usually consists of a banana, a scoop of protein powder (usually Vitalstrength Total Protein Plus) and some different fruits, yogurt and honey. It’s pretty easy to digest which is good when we go straight into training.

I usually have a pretty big lunch because we train in the afternoon as well. For dinner I usually try to just eat protein and vegetables, maybe steak or fish to keep it pretty healthy.

When snacking I try to stay with healthy foods such as vita wheats with a healthy topping like avocado or some healthy nuts.

 Vitalstrength:  What about your game day diet?

 Robbie Farah:  I try not to have big meals on game day, just usually have a big dinner the night before. I’ll have some poached eggs or cereal for breakfast and a light lunch. I don’t like to feel too heavy on game day. I make sure I keep my fluids up with Powerade and water to keep me hydrated as I tend to cramp up a bit.

 Vitalstrength: Who is the biggest “foodie” in the Wests Tigers team?

 Robbie Farah:  I’d have to say it would probably be me!

The boys always make fun of me; I’m always watching the cooking shows on at home.

I love to cook a lot and I’m really big on my food. I had my own restaurant a few years ago as well.

 Vitalstrength:  Do you have a favourite cheat meal?

 Robbie Farah:  Probably after a game I let myself have something greasy, maybe fast food such as Maccas or Oportos. Generally I don’t feel guilty after a game, so I’ll allow myself to eat something like that.

 Vitalstrength: Has your approach to nutrition changed as your career has progressed?

 Robbie Farah:  The biggest change has been trying to cut out the white breads and pastas, switching to alternate wholemeal versions. I also try not to eat fried foods and instead eat more fish, nuts and good oils.

 Vitalstrength: Finally, what advice would you give to an up and coming player in regards to nutrition.

 Robbie Farah:  Nutrition is a big part of getting the most out of your body. To be at your peak when training and playing you need to make sure you are putting all the best nutrients in your body on a daily basis.