For centuries an admired physique on males has been that of the Ultimate V-Shaped Torso.

Starting from wide “boulder” shoulders extending down into “cobra” popping lats and tapering down to a sculpted mid-section and V-cut obliques!  This perception of the perfect physique is not just attractive to the opposite sex but is also the criteria in which most physique and bodybuilding competitions are judged upon, the shoulder to hip ratio. So how do you acquire this physique? And is it just for bodybuilders or guys with perfect genetics that can achieve it?

We asked expert trainer Josh Blottin and his answer is No and No. Below he will show you how you too can sculpt your body into the Ultimate V-Shaped Torso.  The workouts focus on three key areas:

1.  Deltoids/Shoulders
To acquire this V-shaped physique you have to start with your shoulders. Below you can download Josh’s favourite shoulder/delt workout to assist you in sculpting large shirt popping “Boulder” shoulders.

2.  Back/Lats
Next you need to build “Wings” aka latissimus dorsi muscles. Building the lats is not easy but below is a workout guaranteed to assist you in achieving the best results.

3.  Abdominals/Obliques
And finally the mid-section. A shredded six pack and V-cut obliques can be achieved with this workout:

If you build these workouts into your weekly routine along with an appropriate diet and cardiovascular exercise then you too will have the Ultimate V-shaped Torso!

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*The training programs on this website are provided as a guide only and therefore we recommend you ask a professional about correct function of equipment if you are unsure.